SAE Management System Policy

SAE commits that Quality, Safety, Health, and Environment is our life and improving continuously through implementation of ISO-9001, OHSAS-18001, ISO-14001, and SMK3 as a basis of Company Management System.

Pursuant to the above commitment, all SAE personnel (top management up to individual staff) shall perform their activities in due consideration of the following policy statements :

  • Comply with statutory/legal/government regulations. Hazards preventive requirements, client/costumer contractual standard/requirements and other relevant regulations.
  • It is a must for SAE to provide the highest quality products & services complying to the international standards in accordance with the clients/ customers requirements and expectations.
  • The Management System Manual and Procedure are mandatory to implement at all levels of management and staff of SAE and those vendors/supplier/subcontractors altogether to provide good products & services.
  • A reliable & measurable objective to be set-up according to Management System in order to ensure continuous improvement pursuing excellence products & services.
  • Training & development are concerned to enhance awareness, knowledge and competence in performing quality, safety, health and environment implementations.
  • Potential hazard identification and preventive action to be done in order to minimize risk to keep a level "as-low-as reasonably practice" (ALARP) and perform hazard-free.
  • SAE has to provide & develop "environment friendly" of plants & facilities by optimizing natural resources/energy and minimizing waste by reducing/reusing excessable material.
  • Perform all activities in an environmentally sound manner through protect execution from planning, engineering, procurement and construction to operation.
  • Develop, maintain and continually improve an environmental management system for promoting activities of environment conservation.
  • SAE shall be orientate to apply the "green" technology to promote environment conservation by optimizing & balancing reasonably technical & economical aspects.