EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction and is a prominent form of contracting agreement. SAE has strong commitment to carry out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility or asset to the clients within the schedule, quality and budget.

Our efforts and commitment have driven us into proven experiences of successful EPC projects, long lasting partnerships, repeat patronage, and good reputations for client satisfaction.



In the nature of EPC execution, Engineering and Design works are the most key success factor to deliver of the Plant satisfactorily to meet Client expectation and goal in term of HSE, Quality, Schedule, and Cost Budget, as this is always become SAE’s objectives in the Engineering and Design works and activities.

Good Planning, sufficient and experience engineers in same or similar field, efficient organization, utilize proven design, approach and knowledge from past project, utilize proven, integrated, collaborative IT Tools and Engineering Software (including 3D Modeling), Safety-Constructability-Operability-Maintenanceability-Reliability aspect in Design, incorporate lesson learnt from past project, HAZID/HAZAN/HAZOP/SIL study, intensive design reviews, cold eye review, good & effective interfacing, communication and coordination among disciplines, licensor, vendor and client, and implement Un-Interrupted Start-Up Program whenever necessary are some our strategies to reach the objectives and goals.

The 3D computer models provide multidimensional and efficient design, eliminating interferences within the plant and with other facilities and optimizing construction and operation work at site.

Dealing, cooperation and coordination with Licensor is also very important, either this Licensor is under SAE or under Client. SAE has a lot of experiences on dealing and working with Licensors to make smooth and seamless so that no doubt for Client to secure their investment.

Expertise, Know-how, Team Work and Synergy are our motto for SAE’s in-house Multi discipline Engineers from Process System, Process Safety, Mechanical Static & Tankage, Mechanical Rotating, Mechanical Package (including Boiler, Furnace and Material Handling), Electrical, Telecommunication, Instrument & Control System, Piping, Civil, Steel Structure, Architecture, and Marine. They has been work together as a team, not only for Engineering and Design stage but until construction and commissioning stage so that those become our strength and give most advantage to deliver excellent engineering and design products.

Our Local/National Engineers who familiar either with international code & standard or Local/National Standard, as well as familiar with natural conditions of construction site, such as geotechnical/geophysical/geological conditions, climate conditions, etc., and good & strong support from Chiyoda Corporation and their subsidiary within the group with their Design methodology, know-how and experiences of Chiyoda are integrated in “Chiyoda Knowledge Database” is best combination to offer competitive cost with ultimate quality and Performance.



SAE provides One-Stop Procurement Services as one of our leading expertise in Global Procurement. Our One-Stop Procurement Services is one of our diversification which not only delivers satisfying goods but also to deliver valuable services to our Clients. SAE offers an integrated Supply Chain Management system from Purchasing, Expediting, Delivery of Equipment & Materials, Logistic & Material Control, up to Subcontracting Administration Services. SAE will always procure and deliver components to the designated destination via the most efficient route and provide support for Just-In-Time procurement. As part of our integrated Supply Chain Management system, SAE selects the most suitable suppliers for the required Material, Equipment, and Services from a vast range of worldwide sources, and thoroughly carry out quality control and delivery management by making full use of our expertise.

Our biggest intention onto our Integrated Supply Chain Management Services is not only to procure any type of Equipment, Materials and Services that suits our Client needs, but also to deliver the right Materials, Eqipment, and Services to meet the Quality & Schedule. Moreover, as a part of Chiyoda group member, SAE receive reliable supports from Chiyoda and its world-wide network of reputable manufacturers and suppliers.

Our abundant procurement experiences of Long Lead Items that certainly are an added value to all of our procurement operations also support the integration of our Purchasing, Expediting, Traffic, Logistic, Material Control, and Subcontracting Administration services that will bring a decent satisfaction to our Clients.



"CONSTRUCTABILITY" is our starting point for successful project execution.

Our Constructability Program and Construction Driven Project Execution experienced for meeting tough project challenges with practical and effective solutions, and strongly grasp with Engineering and Procurement working under construction priority strictly to ensure success and project requirement satisfaction.

Construction situated always last execution stage, and there is a lot of unforeseen difficulties faced caused design, procurement and others.Our many of construction professionals have more than 25 years experiences managing site activities by tight monitoring and strong team effort for achieving project goal with site client communication.With the proven of Construction experiences, SAE provides a high standard Construction Management which fit the needs of each Project.

SAE is also ensuring driving the project on highest standard of HSE systems and Safety Behavior Program, all management and staffs of SAE have no doubt and mind for keeping first priority on its safety all the time.